Three mistakes almost everyone makes when it comes to installing air conditioning


Did you know your average air conditioner costs between 50 cents and one dollar per hour to run?

If you’re the bill payer in your household, we bet you do!

In fact, we bet you’re sick and tired of reminding everybody else who lives in your house!

Efficient and cost-effective air conditioning starts with the kind of unit you install.

That’s why Airsential Air Conditioning has compiled this list of common mistakes people make when installing air conditioners so you can avoid paying more for climate control in your home.

Installing the wrong size air conditioning system. Believe it or not, installing a larger system could actually be counter-productive when it comes to effectively heating and cooling your home. Putting in a larger system than the space requires will cause your air conditioning system to cycle on and off repeatedly, resulting in premature wear and tear on your machine and pushing up your power bills.

Buying bargain air conditioners. Scored a deal on an air conditioning unit that seems too good to be true? It probably is! While buying a cheaper unit may save you money initially, beware of the long-term costs of maintaining your bargain buy. While purchasing a good quality unit with a long warranty may cost more to start off with, it will end up saving you money in the long run.

Buying from outside your local area. If you purchase a brand of air conditioner nobody in Newcastle or the Hunter can service, you’ll be hemorrhaging money no matter how much you paid to begin with! Air conditioners are complicated modern systems that need occasional tune-ups by contractors familiar with their design and installation. One industry survey found that over 50 per cent of all breakdowns were the result of incorrect maintenance!

Make sure your air conditioning costs don’t get the best of you. Call in the experienced team at Airsential Air Conditioning to help you find the right unit for your home.