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Three mistakes almost everyone makes when it comes to installing air conditioning
 Did you know your average air conditioner costs between 50 cents and one dollar per hour to run?If you’re the bill payer in your household, we bet you do!In fact, we bet you’re sick and tired of reminding everybody else who lives in your house!Efficient and cost-effective air conditioning starts with the kind of unit you install.That’s why Airsential Air Conditioning has compiled this list of common mistakes people make when installing air conditioners so you can avoid paying more for climate control in your home.Installing the wrong size air conditioning system. Believe it or not, installing a larger system could actually be counter-productive when it comes to effectively heating and cooling your home. Putting in a larger system than the space requires will cause your air conditioning system to cycle on and off repeatedly, resulting in premature wear and tear on your machine and pushing up your power bills.Buying bargain air conditioners. Scored a deal on an air conditioning unit that seems too good to be true? It probably is! While buying a cheaper unit may save you money initially, beware of the long-term costs of maintaining your bargain buy. While purchasing a good quality unit with a long warranty may cost more to start off with, it will end up saving you money in the long run.Buying from outside your local area. If you purchase a brand of air conditioner nobody in Newcastle or the Hunter can service, you’ll be hemorrhaging money no matter how much you paid to begin with! Air conditioners are complicated modern systems that need occasional tune-ups by contractors familiar with their design and installation. One industry survey found that over 50 per cent of all breakdowns were the result of incorrect maintenance!Make sure your air conditioning costs don’t get the best of you. Call in the experienced team at Airsential Air Conditioning to help you find the right unit for your home.
Understanding your electricity bills
Air conditioners get a bad wrap when it comes to pushing up your power bill. Airsential Air Conditioning explores the hidden factors you may not realise impact on your energy bills.It could be the age of your dishwasher, last week’s thunderstorms or an errant texter-and-driver who totalled a power pole three streets away.Regardless of how efficiently you run your air conditioning or how pedantic you are about switching appliances off at the power point, there are always many factors you cannot control when it comes to getting a handle on rising power bills.Whether it’s due to aging infrastructure or the monopoly within the market place, much like microwave dinners and mobile phones, climbing bills have become a staple of the modern household.Although the average Australian household is consuming more electricity than ever before, this rise in usage does not necessarily correlate faithfully with an acute spike in your electricity bills.If your latest electricity bill is suspiciously high, consider the following factors before forking over your funds.Check your meter number is correct. If you’ve recently moved and are able to access your meter safely, make sure your meter number iscorrect. To do this, look to see if the meter number printed on your bill matches the number on the meter at your residence. If the meternumbers don’t match, you may have been mistakenly charged. Contact your energy provider for more information.Estimated meter reads. Estimated readings are taken when the meter reader can’t access to your meter or a technical issue occurs. To find out if your bill is an estimated reading, look for ‘Estimated reading’ written on the back of your bill under the pricing calculations. If it doesn’t have this statement, your bill is based on an actual meter reading. If your previous bill was an ‘Estimated reading’ and your new bill is based on an actual read, there may be a variation on the bill to account for the difference between the estimated and actual readings. If you used more energy than was estimated, the additional energy usage will be included on your new bill. Likewise, if you used less, you will be credited with the difference.New meters. If you’ve recently received a new meter, the recorded energy consumption on your statement may change. This could be because your old meter may have been unknowingly faulty.Of course, none of the factors can help when you have teenagers who insist on running the A/C at sub-Arctic temperatures. For a full checklist of hidden factors that may be pushing up your power bill, head to
Airsential Air Conditioning helps out Hunter Animal Rescue
Airsential Air Conditioning has contributed to the rehoming of abandoned pets in the Hunter region by donating $500 to Hunter Animal Rescue.Steve Dimovski from Airsential presented Hunter Animal Rescue president Jaimie Abbott with the cheque last Thursday to assist the charity in its good work and support its tireless volunteers.“We wanted to find a small, local charity to get behind and we’re happy to help out the Hunter Animal Rescue as we know it’s going to a great cause,” Steve said.Jaimie said the animal rescue is always really excited to receive donations of this magnitude.“$500 for a not-for-profit organisation really goes a long way. Hunter Animal Rescue doesn’t have any paid employees and everything we raise goes directly into helping animals in the Hunter,” Jaimie said.Hunter Animal Rescue saves hundreds of Hunter animals from being put to sleep unnecessarily every year and is run by a dedicated group of volunteers.The donation will help the Animal Rescue care for the surrendered animals and provide desexing, microchipping and vaccinations for abandoned cats and dogs.Head to their website to find out how you can make a difference.
Is no air con your worst nightmare?
No air conditioning on hot days ranks among people’s worst nightmares
Heights, snakes or spiders usually rank among a person’s worst fears, but according to a survey conducted by the impeachable and highly esteemed research department of the Great Northern Brewing Company, running out of beer and having a broken air conditioner is a far more terrifying thought to people as summer rolls around.The survey conducted by the brewery found 33 per cent of gentlemen between 18 and 65 think there is nothing worse than running out of beer on a hot summer day, with having no air conditioning coming in a close second, at 25 per cent. Changing a flat tyre ranked third among people’s worst nightmares, at 23 per cent.Is the thought of having no air conditioning during the hot, Newcastle summer your worst nightmare?Let us know on our Facebook page.
Current promotion
LG Pre-Summer Sale!The weather is slowly warming up and the days are getting longer. Welcome summer in style with elegant climate control solutions from our new partner, LG!With innovative technology and smart, sleek design, the LG Art Cool Stylish split and ducted systems provide a modern and energy efficient solution for all of your climate control needs.Purchase an LG Art Cool Stylish split system or ducted system with a deluxe LCD controller now, and you can score a fuel rebate voucher worth up to $250!Pricing:2.5KW cool/3.2KW heat installed $1397 3.5KW cool/4.0KW heat installed $1497 5.2KW cool/6.3KW heat installed $1897 7.4KW cool/8.6KW heat installed $2097 8.0KW cool/9.6KW heat installed $2397 Ducted 10KW 6 outlets/2 zones using the deluxe touch screen controller and zone control $6876
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Frequently Asked Questions
Sometimes things can go wrong with air conditioning systems and it just may be when you need it the most. Therefore you need an Air Conditioning Specialist and a reputable manufacturer who will be there for you long after the sale.We do have a separate service division from their installation division and will provide the backup service and warranty to cover both the air conditioning system and their own after sales workmanship. They will also be able to access genuine spare parts when they need to.
There are many variables that will affect how much your system will cost to run such as size, brand, temperature to be maintained, energy rating and the compressor type. The compressor is the component on an air conditioning system that does most of the work and so consumes most of the power. Compressors come in both inverter and non-inverter technology.Non-inverter air conditioning operates at a fixed speed delivering a fixed amount of cooling and heating. Whilst trying to maintain a set temperature, they operate on a stop/start principal. Inverter technology operates differently. It works like the accelerator of a car, gently increasing or decreasing power.The most efficient air conditioning systems on the market today use digital  inverter style compressors. Choosing an inverter air conditioner means uninterrupted comfort with significant energy savings and it saves you money. A guide to running costs and efficiency can be found at
The brands that are available on the market today can vary quite dramatically, and you need one that is proven and robust enough to handle Australian conditions. There are some manufactures that gather components from all different companies and mix them together to create the system. If your new air conditioning system is made up from inferior or mixed products, this can lead to reduced performance. YourAir Conditioning Specialist will only have the best brands on offer from reputable, long-standing manufacturers.Think about how you live in your home and what areas of your home the system needs to heat and cool.
What size unit do I need?Not only the size of the area but also the amount of glass and the heat load generated from the number of people occupying the area will determine the size of the unit needed. Airsential will recommend a site visit by one of our sales experts to determine the correct size unit for your home or office. If a site inspection is not possible then floor plans will aid in the preparation of your quotation.If you get the wrong size system you could experience:
  • Increased running costs.
  • Not reaching the desired temperature.
  • A system that is too noisy.
This applies to the installation of a split system. If the installation is back to back the indoor unit is placed on the same wall as the outdoor unit reducing the amount of pipe run required to connect the two units.
When you decide to air condition your home, your comfort is at stake and so is your money so in this case you will need an expert not only to sell you the air conditioning unit you will need them to install it as well.Therefore, it is important to find an Air Conditioning Specialist to help you choose the right air conditioning system for you and your family’s requirements.Most companies can give you a quote to do the job, but if they are not doing domestic work day in and day out you could be in for problems like:
  • They treat your home like a construction site.
  • They do not use drop sheets to cover your furniture.
  • They leave rubbish behind for you to clean up.

Poor Communication

They do not let you know how things are going to be installed and where. You could end up with things in the wrong place and even be left with no instructions on how to operate the system properly.
  • Lack of respect for your time.
  • They turn up late and take too long to install the system.
Contact us now for an obligation free building appraisal or service/preventative maintenance recommendation.