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LG Pre-Summer Sale!

The weather is slowly warming up and the days are getting longer. Welcome summer in style with elegant climate control solutions from our new partner, LG!

With innovative technology and smart, sleek design, the LG Art Cool Stylish split and ducted systems provide a modern and energy efficient solution for all of your climate control needs.

Purchase an LG Art Cool Stylish split system or ducted system with a deluxe LCD controller now, and you can score a fuel rebate voucher worth up to $250!


2.5KW cool/3.2KW heat installed $1397
3.5KW cool/4.0KW heat installed $1497
5.2KW cool/6.3KW heat installed $1897
7.4KW cool/8.6KW heat installed $2097
8.0KW cool/9.6KW heat installed $2397
Ducted 10KW 6 outlets/2 zones using the deluxe touch screen controller and zone control $6876